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Becoming an Outdoors-Woman Upcoming Workshops

Beyond BOW Program

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Beyond BOW workshops are another opportunity for women to learn outdoor skills. Beyond BOW is anything we offer that is not the traditional 3-day BOW workshop. They may be “next step” classes for women who have completed a beginner class at a BOW workshop. Or they may be one-day, one-subject classes.

Snowshoe and Cross Country Ski Workshop

  • January 22-24, 2016
  • Thompson Falls, MT
  • Fee: $140 or $180

Discover the fun of snowshoeing and cross country skiing while exploring the winter landscape! Join us at the lovely Bear Creek Resort near Thompson Falls for a winter get-away. Learn about ski joring and dog sledding, too. This workshop is sponsored by Becoming an Outdoors-Woman in North West Montana.

Snowshoe Class

  • February 6 or 7, 2016
  • Helena, MT
  • Fee: $5

This workshop is full.

Summer BOW Program 2016

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  • August 19-21
  • Near Great Falls
  • Fee: TBD

The "Summer BOW" workshop is a 3-day event beginning at noon on Friday and ending around 1 p.m. on Sunday. The workshop is held in a camp setting where meals and lodging or tent/camper space is provided. The weekend is divided into four instructional sessions that run 3.5 hours each. Participants choose from a variety of classes that provide hands-on learning in a comfortable and non-competitive learning environment. Classes are held outdoors as much as possible. Evenings at a weekend workshop are filled with more learning opportunities, fun, and camaraderie. Participants are encouraged to enjoy the social side that comes with outdoor activities and to make connections with like-minded individuals whom they may be able to enjoy outdoor activities with after the workshop ends.

Save the date for the annual Summer BOW workshop. Bring a friend and learn a new activity or improve your existing skills. More details coming in the spring.