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BOW: Becoming an Outdoors-Woman

Becoming an Outdoors-Woman (BOW) program is designed to introduce women to outdoor skills. The BOW program provides participants with information, encouragement and hands-on instruction in outdoor skills such as fishing, shooting, archery, map & compass, survival, canoeing and outdoor cooking.

A BOW workshop is for you if…
  • You have never tried these activities, but have hoped for an opportunity to learn.
  • You are a beginner who hopes to improve your skills.
  • You know how to do some of these activities, but would like to try your hand at some new ones.
  • You enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded individuals and you seek time away to reconnect with nature.

BOW offers partial scholarships for women aged 18 years and older who are full-time residents of Montana and who have not previously attended a BOW event. These scholarships enable women to participate in BOW who otherwise may not be able to afford the full registration fee. Recipients may receive only one scholarship in a lifetime. Contact the BOW Coordinator if you are seeking a partial scholarship.

  • BOW Purple Logo
  • BOW group with sign
  • 2 ladies eating berries
  • 4 ladies ready for a hike
  • 2 women building bird houses
  • A bunch of ladies on bikes
  • Archery instruction
  • Women on a large boulder
  • Woman with a horse
  • Woman with a large fish she just caught, ice fishing
  • Woman studying maps
  • Woman shooting at a shooting range, with an instructor
  • Women painting
  • Woman very proud of her target
  • 2 women in a canoe