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Hooked On Fishing

Kid's Fishing Day at Spring Meadow Lake State Park.

Kid's Fishing Day at Spring Meadow Lake State Park

Nearly 200 classrooms across Montana are Hooked on Fishing. Based on a national program called Hooked on Fishing not on Drugs, Montana's program uses fish and fishing as a means to teach nearly all content areas to upper elementary and middle school students. The program provides fishing equipment for students, training and curriculum for teachers, and in-class assistance by FWP staff and volunteer instructors.

To find out more about Hooked on Fishing, contact the nearest FWP office or call (406) 444-9943.

Research Documents

In 2006, Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks conducted a broad evaluation of its Hooked on Fishing Program. The results have been published in a research document entitled, Assessing the Effectiveness of a Place-Based Conservation Education Program by Applying Utilization-Focused Evaluation. You can view the full research document, or a shorter, four-page research summary, by clicking the appropriate link below: