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Glossary R

radio transmitter

A device implanted into or attached to an organism that emits a specific frequency detected and interpreted up by a telemetry receiver.


A device used in telemetry to detect specific frequencies emitted from a transmitter and to locate and decode the transmitter's signal.


A redd is a depression created in the gravel where fish deposit their eggs (like a nest).


The alignment of fish in the current (upstream/downstream) using their sensory organs such as the lateral line. Stream fishes, such as the cutthroat trout typically face upstream for feeding purposes.


A fish that completes its whole life in a small tributary stream.


Shallow stream reaches which flow over rough bed material (like cobble), causing small ripples or waves (turbulence).

riparian area (zone)

The area and vegetation adjacent to streams and rivers.

Of, on, or relating to the banks of a natural course of water.