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Glossary N

natal stream

The stream where a particular fish is born or reared. Many trout and salmon return to their natal stream to spawn, leaving their offspring to spend their juvenile years in the same stream, which is then imprinted as their natal stream.


Species that occur naturally in a drainage (not introduced by humans). Examples of some of Montana's native fish species include: westslope and yellowstone cutthroat trout, bull trout, arctic grayling, slimy sculpin, sauger, northern redbelly dace, northern pikeminnow, channel catfish, and longnose sucker. native fish are important in that they are adapted to local habitats, and their presence is an indication of high-quality habitat. Native fish are a part of our heritage and are important culturally.


An element (oxygen, nitrogen and phosphorus) or compound required for the growth and development of an organism.