Wilderness Caving in Montana
Date Friday June 7, 2019
Time8:00 PM  - 9:00 PM
Location Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park
Contact Julia Smit
(4060 287-3541
DescriptionOn Friday, June 7 at 8pm, learn about “Wilderness Caving in Montana” with James Cummins. Ever wonder what it’s like to crawl around on your belly in order to investigate little-visited underground secret passageways? Join James Cummins in honor of National Cave and Karst Day to learn of his many exploits in the backcountry of western Montana. Get an insider’s look into some of the off-trail portions of Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park, and discover some spectacular landscapes found beyond park boundaries in Western Montana. A caver’s escapades often require hours of underground exploration. Whether wading through water, performing narrow crawls, avoiding extremely fragile formations or camping underground for days at a time, James has done it all to discover and map new underground passages.

James Cummins is a veteran to caving. He first began caving in Virginia and quickly became a caving addict. For over thirty years he has been testing his limits and pushing the boundaries of the places he could go and the secrets he could uncover. He has been involved in many projects to expand the mapped portions of caves. Through his participation with the National Speleological Society and the Northern Rocky Mountain Grotto, he serves as a mentor for new cavers.