Date Friday October 26, 2018
Time6:30 PM  - 7:30 PM
Location Makoshika State Park
Contact Chris Dantic
(406) 377-6256
DescriptionJackalopes. Strange and mystifying tales of cryptid creatures are popular around campfires and late into dark and stormy nights. Despite (or possibly because of) their humorous nature, stories about jackalopes and other mysterious creatures teach us about the history and culture of the area from which they originate. Hear an old-fashioned jackalope story, talk about the reality of everyone’s favorite deer-rabbit, and go on a night hike to search for these elusive beasts at Makoshika State Park.

What: Makoshika State Park Special Event

When: Friday, October 12th @6:30pm

Where: Makoshika State Park Kiwanis Pavilion, 1301 Snyder Ave. Glendive, MT