Ancient Monsters of the Night
Date Friday October 12, 2018
Time6:30 PM  - 7:30 PM
Location Makoshika State Park
Contact Chris Dantic
(406) 377-6256
DescriptionJoin us at the park visitor center for Ancient Monsters of the Night. The best way to study an animal is to observe it in the field, but we can still learn a great deal about an animal’s behavior long after it has gone extinct. This program will discuss the paleontology of behavior and the clues paleontologists use to learn whether an animal is nocturnal in this unique program at Makoshika State Park.

For more information call the park visitor center at (406) 377-6256.

What: Ancient Monsters of the Night

When: Friday, October 12, 2018 at 6:30pm

Where: Visitor Center, Makoshika State Park, 1301 Snyder Ave. Glendive, MT