Men do Your Duty
Date Saturday January 20, 2018
Time2:00 PM  - 3:00 PM
Location Bannack State Park
Contact Dale Carlson
(406) 834-3413
DescriptionMontana State Parks will host "Men do Your Duty", a reenactment of Montana's Vigilante past at Bannack State Parks on Saturday, January 20th at 2pm.

One hundred and fifty-four years ago, a group of Vigilantes captured and marched Sheriff Henry Plummer and his two deputies, Ned Ray and Buck Stinson to the gallows. The gruesome events that occurred on this cold January evening were the work of a band of concerned citizens to end a reign of terror that enveloped the mining communities of Bannack and Virginia City.

Outlaws known as the Road Agents, secretly led by Sheriff Henry Plummer, were said to have murdered over one hundred miners and robbed countless others of their gold. Plummer and the Road Agents were not tried in an official court of law and today some believe that the Vigilantes were not justified in their actions. However, the crime rate dropped drastically after the Vigilantes finished their task.

The Bannack Association sponsors this annual reenactment titled "Men do Your Duty", directed by Stan Smith. The Just-Us Old West Reenactors will perform the piece at the actual site of the hanging of Jan. 10, 1864. Come and witness this historical event and decide for yourself if the Vigilantes were justified in their actions.