Montana Towns: Then, Now, Tomorrow
Date Saturday August 12, 2017
Time2:00 PM  - 3:00 PM
Location Bannack State Park
Contact Dale Carlson
(406) 834-3413
DescriptionHumanities Montana Conversation "Montana Towns, Then, Now, Tomorrow" with historian and storyteller Hal Stearns -

Montana is a state of extremes, from high mountains to great plains. Half the population lives in just five communities and another third lives in just 10 others. After the big ones, the remaining 134 incorporated towns are often unique, often overlooked, and all small, yet personify so much of the Big Sky. These small towns were built around gold, coal and oil, timber, cows and sheep, early trails, roads and rails. But time brings change. Why do some smaller towns hang on while others drift away? A few invent new roles and others reinvent themselves. Should we care? A discussion helps us understand the small places that are a big part of the Montana story.

This is a great chance to hear a great Montana historian tell the story of boom to bust towns like Bannack and many more across the state. We hope to see you out here for a great day on the trail.

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