Montana Raptors
Date Friday August 4, 2017
Time8:00 PM  - 9:00 PM
Location Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park
Contact Rhea Armstrong
(406) 287-3541
DescriptionMontana Raptors - Ever wonder about the large birds that you see in the distance on your hike? Well, wonder no more as we welcome Loy Maierhauser from the Montana Raptor Conservation Center to lead an interactive program about the big birds that rule the Montana skies. Bring your children out for some fun learning about migration in a fun and hands-on way!

Loy is passionate about raptors and began working with them at age 14, doing bird shows at her family┬┐s business. Loy has been working in elementary education as a teacher and an instructional coach, just recently moved to Montana in July 2014, and we are happy to have her for the first time at Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park this summer!

For more information, please call the park visitor center at 406-287-3541.