Rock Art Display
Date Saturday August 13, 2016
Time11:00 AM  - 3:00 PM
Location Pictograph Cave State Park
Contact Jarret Kostrba
(406) 254-7342
DescriptionThe park will also host Artist in Residence, Aileen Denny. Denny, a recent graduate of Rocky Mountain College will have her graduation project on display in the visitor center classroom from 11am to 3pm. The project consists of rock art pieces created using early, native paint pigments and inspired by the cave art found at Pictograph Cave State Park.

Aileen Denny on her rock art:

"The pictographs at Pictograph Cave State Park have always had a special place in my life. My mother was the one who first took my brother and me to the caves. I remember being awe struck as I stared at the back wall of the cave looking for pictographs and like most people only finding the red ones. It was much later when I began to fully appreciate the caves and the images they hold. Like most of Montana's ancient history they are a mystery, a mystery I long to explore.

The pictographs show a timeline of the history of the Yellowstone valley and the people that came before us. That is why I chose to replicate them in the truest fashion I know; hopefully to spark the same curiosity I found in them. I want people to feel the connection I have to these images and the sorrow that comes with their loss. They are not just objects; they are living remnants of the past; a past that will continue to make us curious."