Jefferson River Canoe Trail
Date Friday July 1, 2016
Time8:00 PM  - 9:00 PM
Location Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park
Contact Tom Forwood Jr.
(406) 287-5341
DescriptionThomas Elpel, Author and President of the Jefferson River Canoe Trail at 8pm for his presentation ¿The Jefferson River Canoe Trail¿. Looking down at the Jefferson River from the top of Cave Mountain at Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park, you can almost see the vessel of the Lewis and Clark Expedition carrying its members through the deep valley. How exciting, frightening, inspiring, and empowering it must have been to explore new lands and catalogue new species in this very land. But what was the significance of this spot to the Expedition as a whole? And what other spots along the Jefferson River can we visit to ignite our imaginations, allowing us to picture ourselves on that adventure of mystery and wonder? Please join us at the park Amphitheater for this fascinating look at the Lewis and Clark Expedition¿s journey along the Jefferson River.