First Day Hike
Date Friday January 1, 2016
Time11:00 AM  - 12:30 PM
Location Placid Lake State Park
Contact Ryan Sokoloski
(406) 677-6804
DescriptionJoin Placid Lake State Park Manager on an interpretive hike over top of Placid Lake. Participants will learn about some of the lakes historical and modern day significance. The hike will be approximately 1-mile in length and will take place almost completely on the lake ice. Participants will also learn some basics of winter safety. There will be a small sample of both snow-shoes and cross-country ski┬┐s for participants to try on and experience. Snow shoes or cross country skis are not required for this hike.

If time permits with hiker interest, we will also go through the basics of ice fishing. Anyone wishing to try their hand at ice fishing must have a valid fishing license.

Event is dependent on safe ice conditions.

Please dress appropriately for the weather. A water bottle and snacks are suggested.