The Evolution of Tool Development by the Indian
Date Friday June 8, 2012
Time8:00 PM  - 9:00 PM
Location Beavertail Hill State Park
Contact Chris Neu; Vernon Carroll
Chris Neu - (406) 240-0155; Vernon Carroll - (406) 273-4253
DescriptionJoin Norman Jacobson, retired teacher and historian, for this program.

Tools have often been described as being nothing more than an extension of our hand. This presentation will trace selected tools starting with the fork and ending up with the construction of the horn bow that was used by the Indian. We usually think of technology as computers, xrays, and satellites, but the Indian was just as interested in technology as we have ever been. However, technological advancement for the Indian was developing a weapon to kill an animal at a greater distance from their shooting location and therefore he would have less chance of being injured himself.

The park is 26 miles East of Missoula, off I-90 (exit 130)--follow signs to the park.