John Colter Run
Date 09/28/2013
Time8:00 AM  - 12:00 PM
Location Missouri Headwaters State Park
Contact Gary Scheidecker
(406) 587-4415
Additional Information
DescriptionThe original John Colter run: in 1806, John Colter bid farewell to the Lewis and Clark Expedition to pursue a living trapping furs and guiding in the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains. During the fall of 1808, Colter and his partner, John Potts, were trapping along the Jefferson River when a group of Blackfeet warriors appeared on the bank. They killed Potts and took Colter prisoner.
The Blackfeet stripped Colter naked and gave him a 300 yard running head start. The entire war party gave chase across the cactus covered plain toward the Madison River.
After a few miles, Colter had outdistanced all but one of the warriors who let fly with a short spear. Colter dodged the lance, retrieved it, and killed the warrior.
This bought Colter enough time to make it to the Madison River where he hid under a pile of driftwood while the Blackfeet warriors hunted up and down the river bank. Sometime after dark, Colter slipped down river and began his journey toward safety.
Eleven days later, exhausted, cold and naked, Colter limped into Fort Lisa on the Big Horn River, 250 miles away.

Registration is available the first of July. This race is approximately 7 miles on paved and gravel roads and rugged trails.