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Hunter Harvest Surveys

Hunt Harvest Survey

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks conducts an annual telephone survey to gather hunting and harvest information from hunters. Telephone interviewers call mid-week evenings and weekends to speak to hunters one-on-one to get the most accurate information possible. Results from the statewide survey are used by wildlife managers to evaluate past hunting seasons and to set permit quotas, season dates and other regulations for future years.

Angler Pressure Surveys

Angler Pressure Surveys

The statewide angling use surveys are conducted by mailing a questionnaire to a random sample of resident and nonresident licensed anglers for each month of the year.The surveys estimate angling use in number of "angler days". An "angler day" is one fisherman fishing one body of water for any amount of time on a given day. Results are tallied and presented in the reports found here.

Social & Economic Surveys

Social & Econimic Surveys

FWP conducts a variety of social and economic surveys of the public for the purpose of engaging the public in key decision making processes.