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Reference Searches

Video Library

The FWP Video Library offers a little something for everyone. Whether you're a visitor to Montana or a Montana resident, you can find a feature movie, outdoor report, or hunting guide that interests you. Learn more

Montana Outdoors Magazine

The magazine of Montana, Fish & Parks. Learn more

Fishing Guide

The guide includes angling and recreation information on hundreds of fishable waters, but not all streams, lakes and ponds with good fishing are included so you may still want to talk to your favorite fishing shop (or fishing buddy) for more ideas. Learn more


The Montana Fisheries Information System (MFISH) is a database containing information on fish species distribution, supporting data for distribution, and information related to the management of aquatic resources in Montana. Learn more

Fish & Wildlife Library

The Fish & Wildlife library is a system to query documents and reports related to the fish and wildlife of Montana. A number of documents have detailed abstract information and are available for download. Learn more

Hunt Planner

The Hunt Planner combines updated maps with hunting regulations and statistics. You can begin planning your hunt using either a regional map by species or go right to the hunting district information you are interested in. Learn more

Animal Field Guide

The Animal Field Guide provides information on identification, habitat, ecology, reproduction, range, and distribution of Montana's animals. Learn more

FWP Public Lands Searches

Search for any FWP public lands by name, nearby city, region, water body, or ADA Accessibility level. Learn more

Visit a Fishing Access Site

Visit a Fishing Access Site

Search for a fishing access site by FAS name, nearby cities, regions, lakes, streams, or ADA Accessibility level. Learn more

Visit a Wildlife Management Area

Visit a Wildlife Management Area

Search for a wildlife management area by WMA name, nearby cities, regions, hunting/trapping opportunities, activities, facilities, or ADA Accessibility level. Learn more

Visit a Hatchery

Visit a Hatchery

Search for a fish hatchey by hatchery name, regions, or ADA Accessibility level. Learn more