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Georeferenced PDF Maps

What are georeferenced or geospatial PDFs?

Georeferenced PDFs have the same features as standard PDFs but also allow those with mobile devices to utilize 3rd party applications for viewing their current location within the PDF map if the mobile device supports location services. Georeferenced PDF maps, once loaded on the device, allow users to view their position in the field relative to features in the map, such as roads, without an Internet connection or cell coverage. Because cell phone and Internet coverage are often unavailable in the field, it is recommended geospatial PDFs be downloaded to a device before heading out.

Third-party Map Tools

To take full advantage of the georeferenced functionality in these maps, a georeferenced map viewer is required. To find and download a georeferenced PDF viewer, go to an app store of your choice and search for “georeferenced PDF viewers” or “geospatial PDF viewers”. Several free options are available.

Note: FWP staff cannot provide technical support for 3rd party apps downloaded to personal devices.

FWP's Georeferenced PDF Map Links:

Create a custom Georeferenced PDF map from FWP's Interactive Maps


Due to the static state and fixed scale of georeferenced PDF maps, users should not rely on them for accurate determination of property boundaries and/or land ownership. Property boundaries and/or ownership constantly change. It is every recreationist's responsibility to know the land ownership of the area and any land use restrictions or regulations that may apply. Users of the maps acknowledge that the positional accuracy of map features have a margin of error related to the map's fixed scale, original digitizing scale, and the ability of a mobile device to locate its relative position within the map.