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Waterbody Plans

Upper Missouri River Reservoirs Fisheries Management Plan

The development of the Upper Missouri River Reservoir Fisheries Management Plan began in late 1998 and was finalized in late 1999.

Fort Peck Reservoir Fisheries Management Plan

The major elements of this ten-year Fisheries management plan are management programs for fisheries, the forage fish, fish population trends, and fishing tournaments.

Blackfoot River Recreation Management Plan

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, with assistance from federal and local agency representatives and a RRAFT advisory committee, is creating a Blackfoot River Recreation Management Plan and considering recommendations that can be applied to other rivers in west-central Montana where recreation management is becoming a high priority.

Blackfoot River Drought Response Plan

The purpose of the Blackfoot Drought Response Plan is to minimize adverse impacts on fisheries resources and to aid in the equitable distribution and shared sacrifice of water resources during low flow summers.

Big Hole River Drought Management Plan

The purpose of the drought management plan is to mitigate the effects of low stream flows and lethal water temperatures for fisheries (particularly fluvial Arctic grayling) through a voluntary effort among agriculture, municipalities, business, conservation groups, anglers, and affected government agencies.

Big Hole River Drought Management Plan (Courtesy BHWC)