Harvestable and/or Trapped Species

Harvest and Hunting Reports

Harvest and Hunting Reports for big game species and furbearers are available for various years through the Harvest Estimates Search or Harvest Reports Table

Unavailable years need to be obtained through a request to

Montana Hunt Planner

Under the Montana Hunt Planner the 'Launch a FWP Region Map' section displays big game species population estimates by means of a regional map; 'Hunting District Regulations & Statistics' focus a selected species and hunting district to show the legal description, regulations, harvest statistics, and hunt effort.

Upland Game Bird Harvest History

Upland Game Bird hunting info 2001-2007

Drawing Statistics for Big Game Species

Many hunters find the drawing statistics, or odds of drawing, a helpful tool in choosing a hunting district or type of license to apply for.

Predator Harvests

There are no available online sources for predator harvest information. Information requests can be sent to Submission of a MFWP Biologic and Natural Resource Data Request Form (pdf) may be required.