Fisheries Data

The Montana Fisheries Information System (MFISH) is a database containing information on fish species distribution, supporting data for distribution, and information related to the management of aquatic resources in Montana.

Angler Pressure Surveys

The statewide angling use surveys are conducted by mailing a questionnaire to a random sample of resident and nonresident licensed anglers for each month of the year.The surveys estimate angling use in number of "angler days". An "angler day" is one fisherman fishing one body of water for any amount of time on a given day. Results are tallied and presented in the reports found here.

View Survey results for 2005, 2007, and 2009.

Fish Stocking Information

Prior to spring of each year, the annual Stocking Plan for that year is determined. The Stocking Plan delineates what waters will be stocked; the numbers, lengths, species and strain that will be stocked; and the hatchery that will supply the fish. A summary of the fish stocking that occurs each year is assembled into the annual Stocking Report. For each water stocked, the Stocking Report lists the numbers, lengths, species and strains of fish that have been stocked during the year.

View FWP's Fish Stocking Plans and Reports.