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Data Resources

In keeping with 87-1-201.9, FWP collects population and habitat information on all species. Fluctuations in wildlife populations and habitat can be dramatic and can occur quickly, thus, FWP can only supply general information based on available historical and current data. This general information is available through FWP’s wildlife or fisheries web pages or through the Maps and GIS Resources web page. FWP must balance the rights of public disclosure with the interest of keeping specific information private for the safety of wildlife populations. Additionally, in keeping with the principle of fair chase, information on some species is provided at a range distribution level rather than specific locations.

Requests for some types of data must be submitted through FWP’s Mediated Request Form 30 KB. Please use the links below to search for the desired information or to determine the appropriate steps to obtain the desired information.

Photo of a frog Photo of an antelope Photo of a fish Photo of hunters