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  • Block Management Basics—Learn to understand Montana's Hunter Access Program.
    (Block Management Basics 150 KB)
  • Recreationist Guide to Releasing Traps and Snares—Ethical trapper behavior and animal welfare are important factors in regulating trapping today. Remember that a recreational trapper has the same right to be in an area as a hunter or recreationist.
    (Recreationist Guide to Releasing Traps and Snares 157 KB)
  • Bear pepper Spray Poster—Learn what bear pepper spray is and how to use it.
    (Bear Pepper Spray poster 794 KB)
  • If You Care, Leave Them There—To protect Montana's deer and elk from the impending threat of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks can no longer safely accept, hold, or rehabilitate deer and elk. This brochure describes what you should do if you find injured or apparently orphaned animals or wildlife. (If You Care, Leave Them There: Brochure 95 KB)
  • Feeding Animals—Feeding of wildlife places wildlife at risk and puts them on a collision course with humans. Help keep wildlife from coming into conflict with people because when that happens, everyone loses. (Feeding Animals 96 KB)
  • Bears of the Rockies and Brochure—Meet the bears, grizzly vs black bear.
    (Bears of the Rockies Poster and Brochure 4.7 MB)
  • Living with Wildlife—Wildlife and humans live in close contact with each other every day. The Living with Wildlife brochures offer suggestions on how to deal with wildlife when it enters our neighborhood, backyard, and even our home.