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Recreational Brochures

Crossing the Barriers

This brochure describes hunting and fishing opportunities for those with disabilities. It includes information on: resident persons with a disability; conservation licenses; permits to hunt from a vehicle; and permits to modify archery equipment.

Crossing the Barriers 40 KB

Stream Access in Montana

This brochure summarizes the ways in which Montana's 1985 stream access law affects the recreational use of the state's rivers and streams and incorporates the ways the law has been interpreted by the courts in Montana.

Stream Access in Montana 434 KB

Life Jacket Brochure

Use and care of personal flotation devices: What you need to know before you go boating.

Life Jacket Brochure 330 KB

Personal Watercraft Brochure

A personal watercraft (PWC) is a motorboat, and you're the captain, so Montana's boating rules and laws apply to you.

Personal Watercraft Brochure 220 KB

2008 Boat Validation Decal Poster

Is your boat correctly identified? Understand Montana's required boat decals.

2008 Boat Validation Decal Poster 277 KB

Float tube/belly boat poster

Anglers in float tubes, belly boat, pontoon boats and kick boats—do you need a lift jacket?

Float tube/belly boat poster 320 KB