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  • The Montana Challenge—Our natural resources are attracting a great many people from other parts of the country. Drawn by our open spaces, magnificent landscapes, and unsurpassed wildlife opportunities, people are choosing to live in many parts of our state. For decades, our landscapes have been valued for timber, mining, and agriculture. Now, these landscapes have additional value, as lifestyle amenities, attracting people who are building fastgrowing sectors of the economy. Long-time Montanans and newcomers alike want good jobs and unsurpassed outdoor recreation opportunities. And that's the Montana Challenge: to protect our cherished relationship with natural resources as we harvest their full economic benefit. [Overview Brochure (The Montana Challenge: Overview Brochure 510 KB)]
  • FWP Annual Report—Conserving the Montana Experience: Montanans celebrated some notable wildlife successes in 2009 (FWP Annual Report 1.0 MB)
  • Now You Know—A collection of facts and figures about Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks.
    (Now You Know 16 MB)