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Commercial Use on FWP Lands


Fishing Access Site (FAS) Permit

All licensed outfitters and water-based service providers must obtain an FAS Permit to conduct commercial use at FWP Fishing Access Sites. Exception: An outfitter or water-based commercial service provider who has a Commercial Use Permit to operate on a restricted river and does not use any FWP sites on other rivers, does not have to obtain an FAS permit.

You have the option of choosing an annual permit or a one-day permit. The permit is available online , at any FWP regional office , license providers , or you may download the paper application for the annual permit:

Commercial Use Permit

The following must obtain a Commercial Use Permit to conduct commercial use at a Fishing Access Site or Wildlife Management Area:

  • Licensed outfitters and water based service providers operating on restricted rivers
  • Photographers, special events, guided tours, watercraft livery, rental or demonstration

See the reference guides below for more information about permit requirements for different types of commercial use: