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Fur Dealer or Fur Dealer's Agent License

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A person, firm, company, or corporation may not engage in, carry on, or conduct wholly or in part the business of buying or selling, trading, or dealing within the state of Montana in the skins or pelts of any animal or animals designated by the laws of Montana as fur-bearing or predatory animals without obtaining a fur dealer license or a fur dealer agent license. This requirement does not apply to a hunter or trapper selling skins or pelts which he has lawfully taken or to a person who purchases skins or pelts exclusively for his own use and not for sale.

Fur-bearing animals are defined as marten or sable, otter, muskrat, fisher, mink, bobcat, lynx, wolverine, northern swift fox, and beaver. Predatory animals include coyote, weasel, skunk, and civet cat.

A fur dealer is required to keep a record of the number and kind of all skins or pelts purchased or sold, the place where the skins or furs were killed or trapped, a separate record of all the skins or pelts that were trapped or killed outside Montana, the trapping license number under which the furs or pelts were taken if one was required, the names and addresses of persons to whom skins or pelts were sold or from whom the skins or pelts were purchased. This record must be open for inspection at all reasonable times by FWP.

Fur dealer and fur dealer agent licenses expire on April 30 of each year. License renewal fees are the same as the license application fees.



The license application fee for a Montana resident fur dealer is $10. For a nonresident, the application fee is equivalent to what their state would charge a Montana resident for a nonresident license or, if that license is not available, $50. The license application fee for a fur dealer agent's license is $10.

Fur Dealer Application


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