Commercial Fish & Wildlife License & Permit Applications

Permits are necessary to possess and/or use various types of wildlife, both native species and exotic species. There are some species of exotic wildlife that may NOT be possessed as personal pets. Learn the difference between controlled, noncontrolled, and prohibited species to be clear on which species you may possess.

No species of wildlife may be released into the wild without specific authorization from the department.

Commercial Aquatic

Commercial Fishing Ponds Application

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To sell live fish from a permitted fish pond the pond owner is required to apply for a Commercial Fish Pond License. Learn more

Commercial Bait Seining Application

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Commercial Bait Seining Reporting Form

This year-end report is required. Learn more

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Commercial Whitefish Application

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Scientific Terrestrial

Terrestrial Scientific Collector's Permit

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Reporting Form - An annual report describing the results must be submitted to the Department by December 31 of the year issued.

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Research or educational projects that involve capture, handling, and/or possession of protected live wild animals or wild animal parts found in Montana require annually approved Scientific Collector's permits. Learn more

Migratory Bird Rehabilitation Permit

Annually approved Scientific Collector's permits are required for persons wishing to house or rehabilitate injured or orphaned wild migratory birds found in Montana. In addition, a USFWS migratory bird rehabilitation permit is required. Learn more

Tattoo Numbers Application

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For bears, coyotes, mountain lions, tigers, and wolves. Learn more

Petition for Classification of an Exotic Species

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Animals not yet classified as non-controlled, controlled, or prohibited are considered prohibited for personal possession until classified. Learn more

Controlled Exotic Wildlife Permit Application

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Permit needed to possess an exotic animal already classified as a controlled species. Learn more

Commercial Terrestrial

Fur Dealer or Fur Dealer's Agent License Application

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License needed to participate in the buying or selling, trading, or dealing in the skins or pelts of any fur bearing or predatory animal. Learn more

Fur Farm License Application

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License needed to own, control, propagate, or sell animals listed as furbearers. Learn more

Game Bird Farm License Application

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License needed to raise and sell animals listed as upland game birds. Learn more

Raptor Propagation Permit Application

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License needed to breed raptors in captivity in addition to a license from the USFWS. Learn more

Roadside Menagerie Permit Application

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License needed to use species of wild animals, including birds, reptiles, and the like, for the purpose of exhibition or attracting trade. Learn more

Shooting Preserve License Application

License needed to release captive reared upland game birds on designated areas from September 1 through March 31 for commercial hunting purposes. Learn more

Taxidermist License Application

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License needed to conduct a business to mount, preserve, or prepare all or part of the dead bodies of any wildlife. Learn more

Wild Animal Menagerie Permit Application

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License needed to hold any bear or large cat in captivity for use other than public exhibition. Learn more

Zoo Permit Application

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License needed by a non-profit zoological garden or an AZA-accredited facility to exhibit wild animals for public viewing. Learn more