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Vision and Guide 2016-2026

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FWP’s work PROTECTS the integrity of what defines MONTANA, the Montana EXPERIENCE and our PEOPLE.

Because the responsibility we have is too great and important to accomplish alone ...
  • FWP is excited and proud to announce that it recently created a new Vision and Guide that will help to direct the agency for the next 10 years.
  • This guiding document is the result of an initiative — called ’15 and Forward — that helped us to identify what we should do over the next decade in order to best address changing expectations and new challenges.
  • The Vision and Guide is the result of input gathered at public listening sessions and the direction of an employee-led advisory team.
  • It calls on FWP to tackle challenges—such as the need for more recreational access, habitat loss and degradation, funding that does not match growing demands and costs, a state parks program that is not meeting its potential, and rapidly-evolving technology.
  • It directs the department to maintain its strong commitment to hunting, fishing, trapping, state park visitation, and other outdoor recreation as key components to Montana’s culture and conservation ethic.
  • FWP’s future also includes broadening services and communications to reach more outdoor enthusiasts and supporters, and to seek ways to ensure the agency remains relevant and sufficiently funded.
  • The Vision and Guide makes a strong commitment to the department’s employees, because an effective and well-trained work force ensures that the public’s resources are managed well.
  • The next step is to put the vision to work. Some efforts that are already, or soon to be underway, include:
    • Upgrading the hunting and fishing license sale system to improve customer service and reduce costs.
    • Developing new, easier ways to take part in FWP decision-making processes.
    • Improving the FWP website to make it more user-friendly.
    • Continued attention to better relationships among FWP, sportsmen, and landowners.
    • Working with Montanans to find new, more broadly-shared funding to support wildlife work with more species and enhance services and opportunities.
  • Bottom line, FWP must continue to improve the work we do to best support our fish, wildlife, state parks and your experiences with Montana’s outdoors. We’ll be touching base as we continue to move forward.

“For any organization to remain relevant and effective, it must regularly examine why it exists, where it is headed, and whether it has been fully achieving its mission.”

Jeff Hagener, FWP Director



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