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Fish & Wildlife Commission

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Commission Districts
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The five-member Commission is appointed by the Governor from five geographical districts. Members serve staggered four-year terms, with three members appointed at the beginning of the Governor's term and two appointed two years after the Governor's term begins. The appointments are to be made without regard to political affiliation and to be made solely for the wise management of the fish and wildlife of the state. At least one member must be experienced in the breeding and management of domestic livestock.

The Commission is a quasi-judicial citizen board whose general authority and duties are further defined and shaped by specific responsibilities in the statutes.

The Department is an executive branch agency under the Governor. The Director of the Department is appointed by the Governor and reports to the Governor. The Department has duties and responsibilities as provided by statute.

In summary, the Department administers the day-to-day activities of the Department under the executive branch with specific statutory duties and the Commission sets fish and wildlife regulations, approves property acquisitions, and approves certain rules and activities of the Department as provided by statute.

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See the Members page for addresses and phone number for each Commissioner.

Recent Commission News

Fish and Wildlife Commission to meet Aug. 10

Thu Aug 03 10:28:06 MDT 2017

The Montana Fish & Wildlife Commission will hold their monthly meeting Aug. 10 at Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks’ Headquarters, 1420 East 6th Avenue in Helena. The Commission will consider a variety of topics including the 2017/2018 trapping season and quotas, bighorn sheep and mountain goat augmentation, and the implementation of an elk shoulder season near Bozeman.

(Headquarters - Commission)