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About Us

Vision for the 21st Century

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks will provide the leadership necessary to create a commitment in the hearts and minds of people to ensure that, in our second century, and in partnership with many others, we will sustain our diverse fish, wildlife, and parks resources and the quality recreational opportunities that are essential to a high quality of life for Montanans and our guests.

Guiding Principles

We understand that serving the people of Montana to achieve this vision is both a privilege and a responsibility. We also understand that we cannot achieve our vision alone. The following principles will guide FWP:

  • We will maintain the long-term viability of Montana's natural, cultural, and recreational resources.
  • We will actively involve people in decisions that affect them; help people to participate by providing them with credible and objective information; and, develop programs with a clear understanding of public expectations for FWP service.
  • We will serve as an advocate for responsible management and for equitable allocation of public use of the limited resources which we are entrusted to manage.
  • We will manage fish and wildlife resources with pride in Montana's hunting and angling heritage.
  • We will create and strengthen working partnerships with individuals, organized groups, and other natural, historic, and cultural resource management agencies.
  • We will use innovation and technology to improve our services.


Goal A

Create a work environment where priorities are clear; the decision-making process is efficient and effective; and, where employees feel a sense of accountability, value, and satisfaction in their achievements and their contributions to the agency mission.

  • FWP will effectively and efficiently utilize our human and financial resources, while fulfilling our role in natural and cultural resource issues.
  • FWP will complete strategic and six-year plans for fish, wildlife, and parks programs to clarify public expectations, allocate resources and define a common direction for FWP and our partners.
  • FWP will foster personal and professional growth of employees by developing and using meaningful employee agreements and performance standards.
  • FWP will create and maintain a professional, diverse, and responsive workforce by improving employee recruitment, selection, and career development.

Goal B:

Provide quality opportunities for public appreciation and enjoyment of fish, wildlife, and parks resources.

  • FWP management decisions will equitably balance the interests of hunters, anglers and other outdoor recreationists, visitors to historic sites, landowners, the general public and the needs of Montana's fish, wildlife, and parks resources.
  • FWP will manage its wildlife program to balance game damage, human/wildlife conflicts and landowner/recreations conflicts with the perpetuation and protection of wildlife populations.
  • FWP management decisions recognize that Montana's agricultural community is integral to the management of Montana's fish and wildlife populations and the habitats that support them.
  • FWP will provide diverse and equitable opportunities for people to experience a variety of outdoor recreation and historic and cultural experiences on public lands and in cooperation with private landowners.
  • FWP will provide quality services for people who use Montana state parks.
  • FWP will fairly and equitably enforce all regulations and maintain public safety at FWP sites.

Goal C:

Maintain and enhance the health of Montana's natural environment and the vitality of our fish, wildlife, cultural, and historic resources through the 21st century.

  • FWP programs will be consistent with ecologically sound and sustainable practices and managed within funding capabilities.
  • FWP will provide and support programs to conserve and enhance high quality aquatic habitat and protect native aquatic species.
  • FWP will provide and support programs to conserve and enhance Montana's terrestrial ecosystems and the diversity of species inhabiting them.
  • FWP will provide and support programs for the long-term protection and enhancement of Montana's cultural, historic, prehistoric, and natural resources.

Goal D:

Emphasize education, communication, and responsible behavior to afford citizens the opportunity to better understand and participate in the decision-making process that sustain our natural, recreational, and cultural resources for future generations.

  • FWP will help Montana citizens to understand and participate in FWP's decision-making processes.
  • FWP will provide regulations, program information, and educational materials that are accurate, reliable, and easy for people to use and understand.
  • FWP will help people to be aware of and appreciate Montana's fish, wildlife, cultural, historic, and natural resources.
  • FWP will provide family-oriented educational opportunities to help all ages learn to participate in and enjoy Montana's many and varied outdoor recreation opportunities.
  • FWP will encourage high standards of outdoor behavior by recreationists who participate in FWP regulated activities.