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'15 & Forward

’15 & Forward

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is working on an initiative called ’15 & Forward (15+F) that is aimed at updating the agency vision and goals for the next 10+ years. This FWP direction for the future will be the foundation on which the agency establishes priorities, programs and services.

“It has been nearly 20 years since FWP last took a department-wide look at planning for the future and established its current Vision for the 21st Century. It is time to update that vision and set program goals and design services that reflect our current context and best meet public needs.”

Jeff Hagener, FWP Director

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Listening sessions

The Process

To help better understand today’s values, priorities and expectations related to the resources and opportunities FWP manages, 10 public and 8 FWP staff “listening sessions” were held across the state between July 10 and August 13, 2015. There was also an online comment opportunity.


Photo of a listening session

Participants were asked what they thought FWP did well, did poorly, and should be doing in the future. They also were asked for their opinion of various components of FWP's existing vision document, which is nearly 20 years old.

306 people attended the public sessions and FWP also received 211 comments online.

What We Heard

As part of the listening sessions, participants responded to a series of questions by using a hand-held “clicker” to answer questions shown on a screen in front of the room. Check out how people answered these questions:

Clicker results:

Listening session participants also broke out into small groups and had discussions, prompted by questions that the group was asked to respond to. Facilitators recorded these conversations on flip charts. To see an overview of the common themes and ideas from these discussions, check out this short summary:

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What's next

Using What we Learned

The FWP 15+F Planning Team is using the summer meetings' themes and “clicker” results to help inform the development of guiding principles and goals for FWP’s updated vision document. Several of the themes from the listening sessions have helped reveal current and future issues and challenges. These topics will be further discussed at upcoming meetings in October and December.

Share with Us

As FWP plans for the future, it's important that the agency works to meet your needs. What can FWP do to serve you better in the upcoming years? If you missed the listening sessions this summer, or if you have more ideas or comments, please take time to send them our way.