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Park Management Specialist - Park Program Manager

General Duties

Persons occupying positions within this job family are responsible for administrative, supervisory, and technical duties related to the management and operation of the state park system at specific sites.

Classification Titles

The Montana state park system is managed by Park Management Specialists (Park Managers, Assistant Park Managers) and Park Program Managers. Classification level is dependent upon amount of supervision exercised and received, the size of the park and the complexity of operations. A Park Program Manager (regional Park Manager) is responsible for all parks and Fishing Access Sites's (FAS) activities within one of the state's seven administrative regions.

Educational and Experience Requirements

Minimum qualifications range from a bachelor's degree for park operations specialist positions to and including a master's degree in park and recreation administration or a related field with at least three years supervisory experience in parks management. Equivalent combinations of education and experience appropriate to the level of the position offered may be considered.