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Information Officer (Program Manager)

Description of Work

Under general supervision of division administrator or regional supervisor, provides the public with information about the plans, programs, policies and actions of the department and coordinates regional education programs.

Example of Duties

Responsibilities include to keep regional employees informed of issues, policies, actions and decisions affecting them and the public they have contract with. As a member of regional management team, assist in issues management by identifying controversial issues or those of special concern to the public and develops strategies to get information to those interested to allow informed input. Has lead responsibility for external communication in the region, which includes contact with the media and serving as regional spokesperson in the region. Reviews information prepared for public consumption by regional employees and recommends ways to improve public understanding of that information. Administers hunter/bowhunter and angler education programs in the region.


The knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform the duties of this position are usually acquired through a master's degree in communications and/or education and course work in fish and wildlife biology, parks operations and management and three to four years of closely related experience.


This division is relatively small, with little turnover and few opportunities for employment.