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Fish Culturist

Description of Work

Performs professional and technical activities in the culture and distribution of fish. Activities include care and maintenance of brood fish, collection and care of eggs, and all phases of fish rearing and distribution. Employee spends first year of employment in a training assignment under close supervision of an administrative superior. As knowledge and experience are gained, less supervision is exercised and the opportunity to take independent action is broadened.

Example of Duties

Duties include egg handling, inventory and incubation; inventorying live fish, establishing rearing levels, feeding levels and monitoring and manipulation of environmental conditions for optimum growth and development. Monitors fish health, administers prescribed treatments and maintains inventory records. Distributes fish into state waters; monitors fish condition in transit, adjusts life support equipment to provide optimum environment during transit and properly acclimates fish to new environment prior to release. Provide assistance for other hatcheries. Identify and report maintenance, repair and safety issues regarding hatchery equipment and facility structures.


Must have working knowledge of hatchery operations, policies and regulations dealing with distribution of fish in state waters. Must have knowledge of fish pathologenic and environmental disease and their symptoms. Must understand and have a working knowledge of fish genetics and nutritional and environmental requirements of fish. Applicants must have a bachelor's degree in fish and wildlife management or a closely related field. Equivalent combinations of education and experience will be considered. Work experience is not required for new hires with a bachelor's degree who must successfully complete a one-year training assignment.