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Conservation Technician—Fisheries

Description of Work

Under general supervision of biologist or Fisheries Manager, performs technical duties to implement regional management objectives.

Example of Duties

Assists project biologist by performing all types of fisheries fieldwork using specialized and standardized sampling equipment & techniques. This may include snorkeling, scuba, creel surveys, redd surveys, fish passage, fish marking & trapping, habitat survey & restoration, radio telemetry, netting, electrofishing, hydroacoustics, water quality sampling, zooplankton & insect identification & collection. Other duties include computer data & file management & the partial analysis & written summation of fisheries date for project reports, equipment maintenance, repair & inventory. Many of these positions are seasonal or temporary.


Applicant must have a high school diploma & 5 years of progressively responsible experience as a fisheries field worker or any equivalent combination of education & experience. Must have skill in the operation of equipment related to fish survey work, knowledge of maintenance procedures, be able to follow instructions, work independently & meet deadlines. Must be able to communicate effectively with peers & the public. Must be able to identify fish species, invertebrate zooplankton & aquatic insects and must have the physical ability to work & camp outdoors in adverse working conditions.