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Bidding Information

The ability to access this information online is not to be construed as an indication that a person or entity is eligible to receive bid proposals or to bid on projects for which bids are being solicited. Official bid proposal documents issued by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, Design & Construction must be used when bidding.

The availability of online information does not relieve prospective bidders of their obligation to review and become familiar with the plans, specifications, addenda, bidding requirements, site conditions, and all other relevant project and bidding requirements.

It is the contractor's responsibility to view clarifications and/or addenda issued prior to the bid opening. The information supplied is subject to change up until five (5) business days before the scheduled bid letting. The information that is posted at that time will be included in the awarded contract.


Always refresh/reload your web browser to be sure you are accessing the most current information.

Contractor Bidding

Contractor Registration

Effective July 1, 1996, Montana law requires all contractors to register with the Montana Department of Labor and Industry . For information regarding this requirement, contact the Department of Labor and Industry at (406) 444-7734 or TTY (406) 444-5549.

Prevailing Wage Rates

Montana law requires prevailing wage rates for public works contracts in excess of $25,000. Montana Code Annotated, section 18-2-401(11)(a) at (406) 444-7734 or TTY (406) 444-5549.

Contractor Identification (Vendor) Number:

Successful bidders awarded the project need a Contractor Identification (Vendor) Number prior to entering into a contract with the agency. To determine if your corporation or business is on the Vendor list, or to request a State of Montana W-9 Form (Taxpayer Identification Number Verification), call FWP Design & Construction at (406) 841-4000.

Sealed Bids

Sealed bids will be received by FWP Design & Construction , 1522 9th Avenue, Helena, Montana, at the designated date and time specified by the project upcoming bid opening being publicly opened and read thereafter.

All bids must be delivered to the appropriate Department office in a sealed envelope clearly labeled. Bids may be submitted in a plain manila envelope with the Bid Envelope information on the front.

Debarment Form:

For projects that include Federal funding, a Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension, Ineligibility and Voluntary Exclusion Form will accompany the bid proposal. The Debarment Form must be authorized and sealed with the bid.

Awarded Contractors:

Projects are typically awared approximately 10 calendar days (up until 30 calendar days) after the Bid Letting. Contractors have 15 calendar days from the Award Notice to acquire insurance, contractor registration, and bonding (if necessary) and return the signed contracts to the Department.

For more information, contact FWP Design & Construction at (406) 841-4000.

Plan Holders List

At the discretion of FWP, Design & Construction may or may not maintain a project specific Plan Holders List. Please refer to the Upcoming Bid Openings page for project information.


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